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Banking on Trust for Underserved Communities

There is a slew of niche neobanks that are designed to serve communities that are traditionally underserved and marginalized. By serving these markets, the founders believe that they can grab and create customer bases worth millions of dollars, as well as equalize the playing field and helping advance the mission of helping people build wealth. […]

5 Euro Deposit Casinos to Play in Ireland

When you’re looking for an exciting new online casino game, a 5 euro deposit casino in Ireland is the perfect choice. With minimum deposit requirements as low as 5 euro, you can play the hottest games in the world for a low price. Whether you want to play slots, table games, or poker, these sites […]

Fintech inspired by Black Lives Matter targets underbanked

Paybby, a new challenger bank whose founder was inspired by the Black Lives Matter protests last summer, is teaming with banks and others to make loans to minority-owned businesses and develop consumer and commercial financial products that meet the distinct needs of underserved communities. To get Paybby (which stands for “pay Black brown and you” […]

Startup Paybby buys neobank Wicket to fast-track Black banking

“I started looking at the market, and I was aware that banking was at an inflection point, because of technology,” founder Hassan Miah said. “It’s sort of having its Amazon moment.” Sometimes the quickest way to market is to go out and buy a company that is already offering the services you want to provide.  […]

How the Dodd-Frank Act Controls Trading and Derivatives

The “Volcker Rule” developed as a part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reformand Consumer Protection Act. This reform act was named after its authors, Senator Chris Dodd of Connecticut, and Representative Barney Frank from Massachusetts. The Dodd-Frank Act was created to increase government oversight of trading in financial instruments, specifically derivatives.  A “derivative” is any financial product that is valued based upon another product. […]

Paybby Seeks to end Unfair Banking Practices in the U.S

Over 25 percent of U.S households are unbanked or underbanked, and 86 percent of that group are households of color. With a mission to put people’s trust back in banks and close the wealth gap caused by historical discrimination, Paybby has created a completely free, digital banking service that will allow communities of color to build wealth.  An FDIC survey revealed that […]

Paybby To Power Up US Challenger Bank For Black And Brown Communities

Tenth and Greenwood will have competition as US “public benefit challenger bank” Paybby is preparing to launch for the Black and Brown communities. The New York-based neobank has a waitlist at present and is “coming soon” to the iPhone App Store. Its mission is clear as it wants to “empower the Black and Brown communities to pay less […]